Learn  How  to  Write
Your  Book  in  5  Easy  Steps!

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Your Book


If you want to write a book, but you just don’t know where to start – then this course is for you.

Or maybe you’ve started writing a book but don’t know what to do next – then this course is for you.

Many of you have come to us with these very needs, and we’ve heard you!

That’s why this 5-step course is based on you and what you have expressed you want and need.

We’ll start at the basics, and each class will be another building block to take you to the next level, but do it strong and correct. And we’ll even give you a workbook for you to work alongside us as we show you how to write.

Our motto is: Make it simple, and they will come!

We’re here to save you time, money, and grief by teaching you how to work smarter, not harder.

You will learn how to write your book in 5 easy steps as we take you by the hand and walk with you from concept–to-completion.

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Course Instructor:  Best-Selling  Author  Sherrie  Clark

A little bit about Sherrie:

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  • Best-Selling Author
  • Award-Winning Author
  • CoFounder of and Senior Editor at Storehouse Publishing, LLC
  • Author Coach and Consultant
  • Book Editor
  • Public Speaker
  • Online Teacher
  • Former Host of Weekly Online Radio Show God, Where Were You When?

(Over 60% OFF Our Regular Retail Price of $197)
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STEP 1 - 5 STEPS-Laying the FoundationSTEP 2 - 5 STEPS-Genres and MarketsSTEP 3 - 5 STEPS-Developing Your Story

STEP 4 - 5 STEPS-Outlines and Credibility

STEP 5 - 5 STEPS-Out of Your Head





  1. How to Lay the Foundation for a Successful Book – where to get ideas, where to start writing, and much more
  2. Genres and Markets – how to determine yours, why knowing both are so important, and how the two are connected
  3. Developing Your Story or Message – developing your ideas, expanding your ideas, brainstorming and BookMapping your book
  4. Outlines and the Secret to Making Yourself Credible as an Author – creating your road map to writing YOUR BOOK from start to finish
  5. Getting That Book Out of Your Head and onto Paper or Laptop/Desktop – the writing process, finishing your book, and importantly, walking away from it

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BONUS - Titles

How to Develop a Spectacular Book Title, subtitle, and chapter titles because having the right title for your book is that important if you want to grab potential readers’ attention (and who doesn’t?) PLUS a workbook to go along with the class to help you apply the lessons taught ($149 Total Value)

PLUS…your very own downloadable BookMap template ($79 Value)!

Praise Reports

“I’ve always dreamed about writing a book, but the dream quickly becomes a nightmare the moment I attempt to get started. The class was fun, interesting, and loaded with valuable content. Sherrie and Malaki have a wealth of knowledge about the publishing world. The more information they shared, the more I knew I was learning from professionals. Today, I am empowered to write a book and tell my story. No more nightmares. This class gave me the tools to make my dream a reality.”

“The information was given in a clear, concise, step-by-step format. You have provided the “how.” It’s like I’ve been handed a personal road map, one that allows me to move at my own pace and guarantees my success, as long as I am willing to follow your proven steps to reach the final destination—a published book.”
~LINDA KELLEY, Author/Songwriter/Speaker, St. Augustine, Florida

“Sherrie and Malaki made the process of writing a book simple to understand, at a price I could not refuse. When the topic of time management came up, I smiled because that’s my longest running excuse, not enough time; they showed me how to carve out time daily. After class I did not want to let them go. That speaks volumes about the impact they had on me.”
~H. PATRICE BING, Nurse, Jacksonville, FL

“Here is your chance to find all the answers and professional teachings/coaching to turn your life-long dream into a reality and guide you to success, and these folks are amazing! They know their stuff, and they will help you write, edit, and even publish and help you with a book cover that will sell and attract people! So please, if you have any intention on writing a book, or you have had that dream to write one but never knew how or where to begin, please take this beginner book writing class. I hope you will join them ASAP!”
~EMANUELE SARNELLI, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Your class was well-prepared, well-organized, well-taught, and well worth a lot more than the price I had paid. Thank you for imparting your knowledge so gracefully and generously. You have inspired me greatly.”
~CARMEN TANSKI, Blog writer of TheLateLatina and Love Abounds and Parenting Autism

Their training has brought me much insight and wonderful information.”

In summary, the classes were proven to have been anointed, professional, educational, organized and incredibly invaluable to me! #Priceless!”